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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Chicken and Dumplings - Northern Style

Title: Bernie's Chicken and Dumplings

Takes a few steps, but they don't have to all be done the same day. Worth it!

Large Roasting Chicken
Lemon slices
crushed or minced garlic
herbs de provence (or thyme, sage, rosemary)
large onion, chopped (or small pearl onions are better)
sliced celery and carrot
bisquick (unless you really want to do this from scratch)

Slice a lemon into thin slices. Put lemon slices, garlic and herbs under the skin of the roasting chicken. Roast until done. Remove from oven and cool. (you can do this step in advance). Save the drippings from the roasted chicken and cool in the refrigerator. Remove the fat from the drippings if you like (I do). Remove the meat from the chicken and set aside.

Place the reserved chicken drippings, the chicken carcass and about 4 cups of water in a deep pan. Add onions, carrots and celery. Do not put the chicken meat in yet. Simmer all for about 30 minutes. Remove chicken bones from the broth. Now add the chicken meat back to the broth, add herbs to taste. Bring to a boil. Mix two tablespoons cornstarch in about 1/2 cup water and then stir into the boiling broth to thicken.

Mix Bisquick, milk and about two tablespoons parsley to make dumpling dough. Spoon onto boiling broth. Reduce heat slightly, and simmer uncovered for 10 minutes. About 5 minutes into this process, gently ladle a small amount of the broth over the dumplings a few times. Cover and cook additional 10 minutes.


Number Of Servings:About 6 to 8.

Preparation Time:Not too long. Just a lot of steps but really worth it.


Blogger Bob's Kid said...

Okay, now for Granny's molasses cookie recipe!

March 06, 2006 8:30 AM  
Blogger Princess Bernie said...

OK. Coming up.

March 06, 2006 10:11 AM  

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