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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My Love Affair With Barns

Anyone who has seen my paintings probably notices that many have barns in them. Growing up in rural Michigan our farm had a huge red barn that was a landmark. It has always had a special place in my heart. My father always kept it fresh looking and to me it was beautiful. All old barns have their own personality. When I'm in the car I try to remember my camera so that I can capture something that looks intriguing. An added bonus is lots of old machinery, crates or anything that adds to the story. Each barn is a story unto itself. Who lived there? How much fun have the kids had jumping in the hay loft or looking for baby kittens or rabbits hidden in all the nooks and crannies? If it is old and abandoned, did the family move away? When? Why? In the case of our old red barn, my father sold the farm after my mother died. He moved into a mobile home on an acre close by. You could still see the beautiful red barn from his new home. The day of his funeral we took panorama pictures of it in the sunlit snow. It wasn't very long after that the beautiful red barn was struck by lightning and burned down into the basement. The site is all covered over now and covered with grass and weeds. When I visit that area now you almost miss the place because it is so empty and nondiscript. But it lives on in my paintings and in my heart.


Blogger Princess Bernie said...

I loved Grampa's barn, too. I still have vivid memories of playing in that barn as a kid. Because Dad was in the military, we moved a lot growing up, but we always had Grampa's farm to go to that we called home. The times we were able to be there and play in the farmyard and barn are treasured memories to me. It's too bad my kids didn't have a chance to share in that memory.

Chasing kittens, looking for nests of rabbits, playing in the grain bin, and as we got older, helping with the grain harvest and haying, too. Hot, sweaty work, but it was great.

I am so glad we took this picture the day of his funeral. It looks so peaceful and still.

March 15, 2006 9:22 AM  

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