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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Renaissance Chick

I have a good friend who has always called me a Renaissance Chick. I am a bit of a contradiction in terms. Have been known to wear a diamond tennis bracelet and Mickey Mouse watch at the same time.

My friend gave me the Renaissance Chick title several years ago, because I can cook, quilt, write a legal brief and frame a house. That means that my tools range from a sewing machine to my Henkels knives to a framing hammer. I have professional chef clothing that I wear when I'm really in the mood to cook and a toolbelt when I'm doing construction.

The last couple of days have been rough for me. Spare you the details, but I ended up drowning my sorrows in the Von Maur shoe clearance room. I love it there. I was looking for some really great boots - western, but Princess at the same time. I found three pairs. So I had to have them. (Darn it, shouldn't have paid that charge card off, too tempting.)

Bought a fantastic purse on clearance, too. Lots of bling, but with a western theme. Princess Cowgirl, I suppose.

Then to the Brighton Store. Shoes on clearance and a "free" umbrella. I know. It was a $100 umbrella and I got the shoes for free.

So I go out to my lovely red Beetle and open the spacious trunk. It actually IS spacious. Then I realized in order to get my shoes in the trunk, I was going to have to re-arrange my tools.

That's when I realized, yes, once a Renaissance Chick, always a Renaissance Chick.

Makes me smile.

And I know life is going to be just fine.


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