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Friday, March 03, 2006

What not to read this week.

I hadn't read anything written by Greg Iles for 3 years. I had always liked his books because they were in the "you can't put it down" category. When I was at the library a couple of weeks ago I picked up "Blood Memory". I did manage to read it all, but it was hard. I was tense the whole time. It deals with child sexual abuse and with the tender heart that I have for all kids, it was hard to stomach. I had picked up another one of his that was written after that one, but it is graphic, too, and I'm returning it to the library unread. "Blood Memory" was very disturbing. There are a lot of other exciting things within the "you can't put it down" category. That is what is great about the library, you can return things unread and you haven't invested a dime.

Musings and such

All of the members of my family have been vaccinated with a phonograph needle - also referred to as having diarrhea of the mouth. Never at a loss for words - either spoken or written - this family always has something to say and has an opinion about everything. No surprise.

Email and the internet have allowed us all to keep in touch with each other across the miles. So it seems natural to graduate to blogging.

Who is Leora? Also known as "Lee," she is the wonderful, loving, generous mother to 5 daughters and 2 sons. And grandmother to 18. She and my Dad, Jack raised us right. They have been married over 51 years.

Leora is a fantastic artist, having painted in oils since the early 1960's. Perhaps we'll feature some of her work here - if she approves. She is also a wonderful tole painter and makes all of her greeting cards by hand.

Leora spent many years working as a librarian. In addition, she is an avid reader. She has notes about every book she has ever read. As a librarian, she was always recommending books to her clients based upon their tastes in literature.

So, Mom, this blog is dedicated to you, your works, your hobbies, and to those of your daughters, too. OK, the sons may be able to post, too if we let them.

Please enjoy our blog. And consider this a positive, happy place even if the rest of the world and blogosphere seems to be chaos. We'll try to keep the ranting to a minimum.